5 reasons why you always feel misunderstood in your relationship

Masculine & Feminine
5 min readFeb 8, 2018

In a Rich Relationship, there is total understanding based on honesty, trust and commitment. There are no fights, no arguments because you and your partner know that all quarrels are rooted in your ego. And ego has no say in a Rich Relationship. In fact, there is no ego because you both understand that the purpose of your relationship is more important than yourself.


In many Poor Relationships, there are conflicts that are rooted in suppressed emotions, hurt feelings, holding grudges. All of that, of course, is part of our ego. The ego wants to justify its existence by whispering in your ear all the many ways you could get hurt or offended.

Without awareness, your ego grows tremendously because your heart is not there to observe your ego and to put a stop sign in front of it.

In most relationships, someone gets hurt or offended, and is holding a grudge until one day all of it explodes in your face.

I know that I had a lot of paradigms in me that caused these situations. I couldn’t handle criticism. I couldn’t speak my truth. I’d rather used to „deal with it myself“ than to talk, and by doing so I created stories in my mind. You see, all these paradigms and installed behaviour is rooted in ego. Once you go beyond your ego, there is no reason to deal with it yourself. There is no reason to get offended. You and your partner are in this Rich Relationship together to grow in awareness, not to grow in quarrels.


There are basically just two emotions for a human being: love and fear.

In a lot of relationships, fear is the predominant emotion. Doesn’t have to be violence, it can be money worries. Fear of sickness. Fear of losing your home, etc.

By knowing that everything you feel is either love or fear, you can easily shift your consciousness from fear to love. And love is not an esoteric kind of love. It embraces all the positive emotional varieties that we are able to feel: kindness, compassion, trust, understanding, growth, happiness, health,


In my past relationships, there were so many expectations going on but nobody was speaking them out loud…