7 important things to know about the Divine Masculine (and the Divine Feminine)

Masculine & Feminine
4 min readJun 27, 2020

A closer look at the magical union between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine — within and without.

The Divine Masculine is within you, too

Easy to forget but every person has both energies, the divine masculine and the divine feminine within them. It is an ongoing balancing act much like a ballet dance between these energies. The Divine Masculine energy will help you achieve your goals, set goals, move forward in life, think logically and take directed actions to whatever you’d like to do and be in life.

Without the Divine Feminine energy, the Divine Masculine is sort of lost

Imagine a ship without a captain. It still might go somewhere. The directions are, however, random and the destination is not set because the ship just drifts across the seas of life.

The Divine Feminine, being the free-flowing ocean, should always know where she needs to flow. Or else she puts herself in too much stress to enjoy her journey.

Here comes the Ego…

Due to the Divine Masculine’s characteristics, the Ego feels at home. Just think about it: The Divine Masculine loves competition, loves to win, always looking for the next level and upgrading.

A good balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine brings perfect balance within and without, for example in a relationship.

Both energies are crucial and essential to live a truly fulfilled life. And have a balanced, passionate, loving relationship.

The Ego is the expression of insecurities, subconscious behavioural patterns, trigger points from past experiences and the need to be right. Whilst the Ego can be beneficial for the Self, such as self protection, it is rather destructive when let off the chain.

A Divine Masculine acknowledges his insecurities and trigger points and is constantly working on improving himself, his behaviour, his expression of Self in the outer world.

Vulnerable and Insecure