More and more people ‘wake up’ to the reality of what life is. A massive spiritual awakening has been taking place for the last generations and the speed accelerates with which people realise that ‘the old way’ of how to perceive life is simply not working anymore.

It all starts with confusion

You probably have…

Written from personal experience and not from hearsay.

It seems so tempting to date a millionaire, doesn’t it? No more worries about money. Free travel. High quality lifestyle.

Whilst this may be true, there are certain things to know before going on the adventure of dating a highly successful man.

Different Mindset

No, men and women do not fall in love the same way. There are major differences. When I was younger, I thought love is love. As I grow older I come to realise that there are important major differences.

Men fall in love with the person

This is very simple to explain. And if you think of the last time you went on a date, a man can fall in love instantly with the looks of a woman. Way before he falls in love with her character. Ideally, of course, he falls in love with both…

1) Be Resourceful

In times when resources are scarce, the Masculine has to rely on his ability to be resourceful. He makes the best use of what is available at the time. He comes up with solutions, is asking for help and finds a way. Even if there is seemingly no way.

2) Act with Integrity


A clarifying, unapologetic and brutally honest take on Alpha Males.

Powerful. Confident.

Let us first identify typical qualities that defines an Alpha Male. He is by all means very powerful and aware of his skills, his powers, his strength. This shows in his confidence when interacting with others in all circumstances.


Masculine & Feminine

Empowering Men & Women -

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