A man’s priorities: Purpose first. Then his woman. Then the children.

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3 min readJan 17, 2018


These must be his unshakable priorities or else he’ll be drifting helplessly through life, not being able to achieve anything at all.

  1. Purpose
  2. Woman
  3. Children

Your purpose is number one because your purpose is closely connected to what you do in life. And hopefully it brings in shitloads of money for your family. So you need to focus on your purpose, but not only to make money, also to be yourself, to be happy, to be calm.

If you put anything else on top as a priority, the dynamics within a Rich Relationship will start crashing down and you’ll loose everything: business, woman, children. Believe me, I’ve been through that.

Make time for all of your priorities and give it your full presence at the time. When you make time with your woman, give her your full presence. Even if it is just one hour per day. When you make time for your kids, give them your full presence. Play with them, listen to their stories, make them your priority for this time.

Get on the same page

It is very important that your woman knows about these priorities and that she fully understands, accepts and supports this principle. If she does not understand it, there’ll be trouble in paradise soon. It is so important that you and your woman get on the same page with this, or else your relationship is doomed to fail.

She must be aware that there are other priorities in her man’s life but that everything is interconnected and only by sticking to this priority list will her man be able to live life to the fullest of his potential. And that means for their family: being the greatest partner and father.

Again, many will misunderstand that as the man being selfish and oppressive. On the contrary, a man’s priority is in direct relations to the happiness of his family. The more he pursues his purpose, the more relaxed his woman is, the more relaxed his kids are.

A man who is aware of these dynamics takes on his responsibilities without hesitation. He is a loving partner, a loving father, a savvy business man. He makes his family happy because that is part of who he is in his own masculine essence. This essence is filled with unconditional love and his gift for his family and the world.

The man is the captain of the ship

Think of the man as the captain of the ship. There are 1,000 guests on board and he knows to get from A to Z. But suddenly, during their cruise, some guests nag him to make a stop here or there. Others want to go to a different destination and complain to him. What does the captain do? Does he give in to every single demand so he looses his destination and is drifting from left to right on the sea?

No, he doesn’t. His purpose is to get his ship from where he started to his destination. He might disappoint individual guests but the ship itself stays on its path. That’s his priority.


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