Why you must Dominate your Relationship

“Domination” has a very negative vibe to it. And even more so in combination with “relationship”. To dominate, as defined for this article, means to allow your heart to dominate over your mind. To allow your confidence to dominate over your doubts. To allow your desires to dominate over your fears.

Dominate in your Mind

This is the first area where you have to dominate. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have been equipped with. No other tool you will use in your lifetime comes even close. Hence, dominating in this are is a prerequisite for yourself to thrive in life, business and relationship.

The mind has managed to convince “us” that it is the master over the heart. In reality, it is the other way around. The mind is designed to solve problems, not to make decisions. Making a decision should always come from your heart, your intuition, your gut feeling.

We tend to overthink with our mind, looking at the Pros and Cons, where in reality we should simply become calm and quiet and listen to our heart. Our intuition is the first reaction we subtly feel in a situation. This first reaction should be our guide, not the never ending overthinking.

Dominate in balancing your Relationship

Balancing both energies within yourself and your relationship is key. Everyone has

both energies within: the heart and the mind, the creativity and the logic, the compassion and the drive.

There cannot be a harmonious relationship without balancing the energies first within oneself, and then within the relationship. Dominating in this area means that you have understood the importance of balance. You know that there is no black without white, no pain without pleasure.

Balancing the energies with your partner means that your relationship can withstand any storm because there is an indestructable bond between you and your partner that nothing and no one can destroy.

When there is dis-balance, the whole relationship goes ship wrecked. Only with balance can we master the storms of life, the challenges, the opportunities, and the growth that is needed to advance.

Dominate in your Masculine Energy

The masculine energy is meant to provide stability and certainty, strength and power. This energy is within every human being. Nothing about it is sexist, on the contrary. It is the most natural state of being.

The masculine energy is a force of nature that is needed to bring stability into your life, to look after yourself, and then, when you have accomplished that, bring stability to your relationship and family.

This essence is the “captain” of the relation-ship, knowing the course, giving directions, staying firm and calm in midst the storm.

Dominate in your Feminine Energy

The most powerful force of nature is the feminine energy, or essence. It is the ocean that provides the flowing water underneath the (relation-)ship.

Within yourself, the feminine essence is your intuition, your heart space, your gut feeling, your creativity. In combination with your masculine energy, you will become whole and unstoppable.

When everything is in balance, you have managed to develop that confidence, the drive towards your purpose, the strength and power to move forward in life, yet with a calm and peaceful mind.

The feminine essence is setting her standards so high that the masculine always has to stretch to reach out for it. This balance is important within yourself but also in your relationship with your partner.

Now your self worth as the feminine, make your masculine stretch to reach his goals.

Dominate your Needs

This is a brain twister, but a good one. Dominating your Needs in this context means that you make your partner’s needs more important than your own. Dominating your needs means to dominate your ego, and go beyond it. Not letting your ego dominate over you.

Once you understand that your mission in life is to make other people successful, to make them thrive, to do anything to uplift them, then you have understood life. And that applies also in your relationship.

Make your partner thrive, uplift them, do anything to help them get to the next level. Your partner will thrive, and so will you.

There is a great energy exchange going on between you and your partner, all the time. You are giving and receiving, and so is your partner. However, the energy exchange ALWAYS starts with giving.

You cannot start receiving unless you have given first.

Hence, making your partner’s needs more important than yours is the only option to make them thrive. Help and support them without expecting anything in return. As long as both are doing so, there will be a free flow of energy between you.

The masculine energy is taking on his responsibilities, bringing stability, certainty, and protection.

The feminine energy is taking on her responsibility, bringing HOME, love, warmth, creativity, inspiration.


When you have managed to dominate yourself, you have made room for dominating together in your relationship. To dominate over your egos, your limiting beliefs, your fears, your paradigms and patterns.


Josef Reisz and Yulia King are London’s leading Relationship Success Strategist.

They co-founded PRAGMA to provide High Class Relationship Strategies for sophisticated Singles & Couples.




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